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Here’s some stuff upcoming:

But First!! – For Vancouver Island info- go to this page

Island Info

Now on with the Updates!!

  1. The first of the Free Self Hypnosis Seminars in Surrey BC 

January 21 or 23 – your choice

Again a complete seminar to teach you SELF HYPNOSIS – after which you will be able to put yourself into hypnosis and work on whatever issues you choose – confidence,insomnia, phobias etc. Self Hypnosis is a remarkable tool to have in your life -easy to use and takes up no space! And like any skill the more you use it – the better you and the results become.


    •  In February we will be teaching two courses towards Hypnosis Certification. A three day Basic to Intermediate, Feb 19 – 21st  which will advance your skills to where you have a much fuller understanding of the whys and wherefores of hypnosis and where you can go with it. Then later in the month an Intermediate to Certification Course Feb 25 – 28( 4 days) that completes the training to enable the student to become a qualified and very rounded and capable hypnotist. This two part course is what is called The Omni Hypnosis Course.

Information here



This is with Gary George from the Island and myself

Gary is a world famous healer and shaman, though hard to persuade to move from his island retreat. So finally over Christmas we agreed to this 4 hour event on a Sunday in Vancouver – final date and location to follow end of this week. I have been part of this event on the Island many times with Gary and it is a remarkable occasion. WE send you on two ‘journeys’ during the 4 hours created by the power of hypnosis and Gary’s drumming. The journey? It’s your particular journey – its is never dark and always unique. Amazing stuff.

Register here :


    • 5) and For Clients – now on the Client Page you can sign up for Skype sessions (after a first meeting, to set everything up) – so that we will not miss any appointmenst no matter where you or I wander.Click Here for info  

PLUS the NEW Calendar Booking Page is up and running

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Powerful few months – well for me, and anyone who joins me on this journey.

whats new in Hypnosis 2016 Ines Simpson

    • The Omni 2 Part Course brings together years of research and training and literally hundreds of client sessions by Jerry Kein and others to produce the best all round Hypnosis Training there is to date.
    • The Shamanic Journey event is something we have been planning for a long time – with lots of request to get Gary over here to the ‘wild’ mainland (his words) – and finally we have put it together. Its a wonderful engaging uplifting – mind blowing – event.
    • Then there is the Simpson Protocol Training – The most exciting, flexible and easy to use Advanced Hypnosis training there is. (not my words- honest!).
    • But to start it all off – the best thing ever – the Free Self Hypnosis Seminar.https://xslifemastery.leadpages.co/free-self-hypnosis-seminar/wishing you a great 2016Ines.P.S. Yes the Online Site is gradually coming alive – soon, soon.


Will be ‘live’ here : On-Line Training Web Site – soon!!