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Once I found Hypnosis (or Hypnosis found me) – and it was late in life – after a very ordinary, normal life – wife mother, kids (beautiful kids) – once I found it – I went after it.It was like the world’s Biggest Gift to me.

And when I understood that – I studied and trained and pursed every avenue of Hypnosis and Hypnosis teaching so that I would have all of the tools and training necessary to be a world class practitioner and teacher, and most importantly a person who by using these tools can help anyone who desires great change in their life -wants  and needs to discard – the baggage, distress, pain and anxiety in their lives.

In other words I have been blessed to become a person who can truly help people who desire change and help.

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Ines Simpson

2000- Hypnosis certification by the International Medical and Dentist Hypnosis Association
2002- Advanced Hypnosis training with renowned Omni Hypnosis Center
2003- Certified as a National Hypnosis Guild (NGH) Instructor
2003 Certified Hypnotherapist with International Mental and Dental Association
2005- NGH Board Certified
2006- Appointed Faculty Member of the NGH
2006 thru 2011- Created and developed The Simpson Protocol
2012- Inducted into NGH’s prestigious Order of the Braid
2012- Hallmark Award- Top Rated Instructor by Student Evaluation
2013- 2014 Certified as an Omni Hypnosis Instructor -and one of my proudest achievements to date: – The Unique Hypnosis Pioneer Award given to me in 2014 for among other things the Simpson Protocol

I am continually curious and excited by the use of hypnosis in understanding the complete human condition, and so pursue a wide range of work and applications.

Current Schedule

(but I am always open to new ideas so please don’t hesitate to ask!)

• Work privately one-on- one with clients to create powerful change
• Train and certify students in the highly effective and results driven Omni Hypnosis course
• Lecture on and teach The Simpson Protocol as advanced hypnosis training
• Research and experiment with all aspects of hypnosis to find new understandings

I love to answer questions and hear from people interested in the field do not hesitate to email me – HERE– with any questions or concerns you may have.

Also see the ‘official bio – here _LINK

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