Upcoming Events – Vancouver Island – Ines Simpson

I will be doing a series of workshops during 2017 – workshops that I hope will open up my world of Hypnosis to you and allow you to use and understand, in whatever way you choose, this amazing thing called our mind.

So whether you are interested in Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness, Alternate Methods of Health  etc etc – or in any  sense, large or small ,the need and power to make changes in your life – check these out!

If you are interested in a One on One session with me you can use my Contact Page, of course



Your Mind can make changes happen in an instant. You just need to learn how that all works. Its not belief, its not faith, its not weird. Its technique. Let me show you.



OCT 15th Shamanic Journeys  with Gary George / Grey Wolf


Hypnosis Marketing

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