International Award Winning Hypnosis Trainer and Therapist, Ines Simpson – who makes her home on Vancouver Island.

My Passion for the Art of Hypnosis

Once I found Hypnosis (or Hypnosis found me) – and it was late in life – after a very ordinary, normal life – wife mother, kids (beautiful kids) – once I found it – it was like the world’s Biggest Gift to me.

And when I understood that – I studied and trained and pursued every avenue of Hypnosis and Hypnosis teaching so that I would have all of the tools and training necessary to be a world class practitioner and teacher, and most importantly a person who by using these tools can help anyone who desires great change in their life .

In other words, I have been blessed to become a person who can truly help people who desire change and help.

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Ines Simpson, Award Winning Hypnosis Trainer, invites you into her World of Hypnosis. Her world of the Mind, its potentials and pitfalls. Taken from Ines’s Podcasts on Hypnosis-Everywhere and a series of Articles originally written to help students of Hypnosis -and the articles are in dialogue form to give the back and forth insights into the different aspects of Hypnosis. She examines the Myths and the Misconceptions , the Power and Resilience of how are Minds function in everyday life. Ines describes hypnosis, in its broadest sense as the Language of the mind.

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Ines Simpson


2000- Hypnosis certification by the International Medical and Dentist Hypnosis   Association


2000- Certified by National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH) largest Hypnosis Guild in the World


2002- Advanced Hypnosis training with renowned Omni Hypnosis Center


2003- Certified as a National Hypnosis Guild (NGH) Instructor


2005- NGH Board Certified 2006- Appointed Faculty Member of the NGH


2006 thru 2011- Created and developed The Simpson Protocol


2012- Inducted into NGH’s prestigious Order of the Braid


2012- Hallmark Award- Top Rated Instructor by Student Evaluation


2013- 2014 Certified as an Omni Hypnosis Instructor –


and one of my proudest achievements to date :


The Unique Hypnosis Pioneer Award given to me in 2014 for creating the Simpson



I am continually curious and excited by the use of hypnosis in understanding the complete human condition, and so pursue a wide range of work and applications .

Current Schedule- also see Training Schedule (but I am always open to new ideas so please don’t hesitate to ask!)


 Work privately one-on- one with clients to create powerful change


Train and certify students in the highly effective and results driven Full Certification Hypnosis course


Lecture on and teach The Simpson Protocol as advanced hypnosis training


Research and experiment with all aspects of hypnosis to find new understandings


I love to answer questions and hear from people interested in the field do not hesitate to email me – HERE– with any questions or concerns you may have.