What is Hypnosis?
Do I give up control in Hypnosis
How does Hypnosis Feel?
Is Hypnosis Medically Approved
Will I remember my session - will I know what is happening?
What is Past Life Regression? Can we prove there are past lives?
What is the difference in your Hypnosis method?
Is HYpnosis like Sleep?
Is Hypnosis like a TRUTH serum - do people always tell the truth in Hypnosis?
Are all my memories stored somewhere and can they be accessed during Hypnosis?
Is Hypnosis a Science?
Is Self Hypnosis any good?
Are emotional people more likely to be hypnotised?
Is Hypnosis a Permanent Solution?
Can I be Hypnotised - safely?
How much does a one on one session cost with Ines Simpson?
Can I have a session on line




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