The Hypnosis Mentoring Program.

Private  in person


Or in a small group

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Introducing  the Hypnotists Mentoring Program


Brush up on old skills – learn new skills

Expand and reinvigorate  your practice and perhaps even your psyche.

Participate by Skype/Zoom or in person, Parksville Vancouver Island

Available one on one or small group



Inductions - Fast Instant Rapid - You Name it

Induction, pre-induction, starts from the first contact with the client. Learn the language, and learn the skills. The first pillar of Hypnosis – lets have fun with this. And let’s make some up!  For the new , for the experienced – learn to deal with any kind of client.

Regression and Forgiveness therapy

Here is your chance to practice new ways and new ideas. Speed up your sessions and achieve outstanding outcomes. And if you are new here you can practice the essentials of regression and learn in a comfortable and safe environment . And practice. And practice. Its your day

Mix, match and combine.

Lean to be comfortable with the flow of a session. Trust your techniques and trust the client’s higher mind to work the outcome required. But be prepared for blocks, obstacles, and twists and turns. Learn to appreciate this in the flow of the session

The language of and in a session

How we talk, and how we listen is important. But also important are the words we say while the client is in Hypnosis. With the words we say – are we empowering the client or trying to hold onto control – to the detriment of the client.

Expand and establish your client connections

Learn tips and techniques to establish your authority in  your market, and how to expand your practice. Find out the best ways to reach out in your community and make a difference.  Explore the business of your business


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“This is a training I highly endorse – in fact I look forward to attending it AGAIN in the future. She (Ines) has made this an incredible interactive State ( Esdaile) where you are able to produce these changes with your clients first of all – at much deeper levels, and secondly with a much more efficient use of their time .”




“I have worked with Ines Simpson as the Simpson Protocol evolved and often co-present with her during live teaching sessions. She is brilliant, yet humble and unassuming. She loves to teach and impart what she knows to others. I have personally worked with her as a client and have had some amazing results using her protocol. I highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to make changes in their life.”

Larry Elman

“Ines Simpson is a very respected hypnotist and lecturer on the Esdaile State. [S]he is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the world.  I came away impressed with her professional expertise, but also with her character.  She never hesitates to say “I don’t know” or “Not proven yet.”  And THAT level of humility and honesty is not always present in world-class experts.”

The Hypnosis Mentoring Program.

Private  in person


Or in a small group

Contact me to learn more

or call to book a Free Consult  1-250-586-0586

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The structure is your Structure – but here are some topics we have worked on in the past.


fast and rapid, instant – Elman if you like.

I find every now and then it’s necessary to use a rapid or instant induction on a client who can’t ‘feel’ hypnosis. And I notice a lot of Hypnotists have lost touch with rapid and fast inductions , because of lack of practice or confidence so its fun to get those induction juices rolling again. We will practice and make some up as we go. Once you get into it – its ridiculously easy and fun

Regressions – all types

We will also practice a variety of forms of regression . Perhaps you are comfortable with it, perhaps not. Again I find a lot of new hypnotist have maybe done one demo regression in their course and now lack confidence in using regression.

If the class is flowing we can do Past lives and future pro-gression’s – its up to

You – the class

Forgiveness Work

Forgiveness work is of course one of the cornerstones of Hypnosis. We will demonstrate how to incorporate it in any session


Language language  language  – just because you have never taken an NLP course doesn’t mean language is not one of the most important techniques in your session. Through demos and practice you will see how changing one word can make all the difference to a session with a client.